UMW NetID Password Reset

Use this form to reset the password used with your UMW NetID.

You may have been directed to this form for the following reasons:
  • Your password has expired.
  • You are setting up a new account using a temporary password.
  • You obtained a temporary password from the Help Desk.
If you have questions or problems resetting your password, please contact the Help Desk:
540-654-2255, helpdesk@umw.edu, http://technology.umw.edu/helpdesk.

Change your password

Password Rules

Your new password must include ALL of the following:
  • At least 8 characters
  • 1 uppercase character
  • 1 lowercase character
  • 1 numeric character
  • The characters @ % and * cannot be used in a password
  • You cannot reuse your last 24 passwords
  • Your password cannot contain your NetID
  • Your password cannot contain part of your full name that exceeds two consecutive characters